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About This Site
Last Update: October 1, 2002

Bringing It All Back Homepage started back in June 1994 when I was still using Netcom as my internet service provider. (Note: here is the original announcement on rec.music.dylan dated June 27, 1994). Netcom didn't do a very good job of providing WWW service, sticking their customers with an unreliable FTP method that was totally inadequate, so I eventually moved the site to my personal home page on Silicon Graphics, where I worked for awhile. Eventually the site wound up at its present location - punkhart.com.

When I started this site, there were no other Dylan WWW sites on the web. Mine was the first. However, soon after starting my own page, others began to pop up, (Ben Taylor's Ragged Clown page and Karl Erik Andersen's Expecting Rain, both of which are excellent). Soon, other excellent pages started to surface, such as Bill Pagel's indispensible Boblinks and Larry Yudelson's Tangled Up In Jews. As these and other pages began to show up, I started creating links to them. I also created links to other home pages dealing with artists related to Dylan.

My original intent in creating this site was to gather together all of the material scattered throughout the net dealing with Bob Dylan. Some of these resources were lyrics sites, Usenet articles that I had saved, some original articles written by myself and others, pictures, soundbites, and whatever else I could find. The amount of material found on the net has grown tremendously in just the short time this site has been active, and it's impossible to include it all here. Nor would I want to. When someone else has a resource on their server, I create a link. If I have a resource someone else wants to reference on their site, they create a link to my server. That's the way it works. If you see something I have that also appears on someone else's site, chances are it's actually a link to that site and not a duplication.

What This Site Is NOT

It's not a fanclub page, nor is it officially endorsed by Dylan or his camp. They may or may not approve of what I'm doing here. They may even ask me to stop, although I certainly hope that never happens.

It's not a clearing house for buying and selling merchandise. I'm not in the business of selling bootlegs, if that's what you're looking for. You might be able to find links to other people who do sell merchandise, but it ain't me babe!

It's not a lyrics server. I have some lyrics here, such as unpublished or rare alternate versions of some songs, and I have links to some sites that may or may not carry some lyrics that you're looking for, but I don't have time to sit down and transcribe the lyrics to every song ever written by Dylan. Even if I had the time to do that, I wouldn't want to because there are already books that you can go buy or check out of the library that contain all of Bob's published lyrics. Reprinting the contents of these books would be copyright infringement.

John Howells