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The Comic Book and Me

The Comic Book and Me
Comics and Parodies
Last update: October 20, 2006

A collection of miscellaneous scans from National Lampoon and other humor magazines and comic books. This section features parodies of a questionable nature and I do not necessarily endorse the conclusions drawn by the writers and artists of these comic parodies. Nevertheless, I found them quite funny and they represent yet another aspect of the Bob Dylan phenomenon.

  • The Ventures of Zimmerman (from The National Lampoon Oct. 1972)
  • Son-O'-God Meets Zimmerman (from The National Lampoon May 1974)
  • The Ballad of George Wallace (from The National Lampoon 1972)
  • The Great Trouser Mystery by Graham Parker
    There is a little bit of Dylan parody in this Graham Parker penned novel illustrated by Willy Smax.
  • Dylans Downloaded (Sandra H. Ramer and Marguerita)
  • Shindig satire
  • Peanuts (1971)
  • Cartoon by J. Emilio Polo-Madero (Polito)
  • Who Was Blind Boy Grunt? (by Mark Beebe)
  • Dylancomics (by Paolo Faresi)
  • The Bob Dylan Exhibition (from Expecting Rain)