Son-O'-God Meets Zimmerman

National Lampoon 5-74 cover This feature was scanned from an old National Lampoon, dated May 1974. It was a sequel to the infamous The Ventures of Zimmerman which appeared in the National Lampoon two years earlier. This sequel also combines another infamous Lampoon comic book parody featuring Jesus Christ as Son-O'-God. Hey, I didn't write 'em! Something to offend everybody, I suppose. Click on the thumbnails to see the full size images.

The cover for this issue is a celebration of their 50th anniversary issue. Actually, it's issue number 50, not really that much of a milestone. The entire issue is made up of retreads from earlier issues, sort of a "greatest hits" and seems to be deliberately shoddy in its presentation of sequels to some of their most famous bits. This feature almost seems half hearted in a way.


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