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Last update: September 5, 2002

The following sites contain information on the availability of unreleased Dylan CDs. In some countries these CDs are perfectly legal, however in other countries they are not. Please use discretion. I neither endorse nor condemn the sale of gray market European live CDs.

I can't vouch for all of the vendors on this page, so proceed at your own risk.

Some CD resources

  • Around the World Music Collectibles
  • CD Europe
  • CD Live
  • CD World
  • Compact Discovery
  • Connected Music
  • DisCollector.com
  • Global Electronic Music Marketplace
  • Kiss The Stone
  • Lost Horizons
  • MC Records
  • Midnight Records
  • Music Masters
  • The Music Specialists
  • ROCKHOUSE Music Mail Express
  • Rock Island: A Music Collector's Paradise
  • Rock Solid International
  • Saturn Records
  • SilverDisc Records
  • Smogtown Records
  • SoundStone.com
  • Total Recall Music
  • Vinyl/CD/Bootleg/Merchandise Seller's Page
  • Worldwide CD
  • YborAudios.com
  • Some tape resources
  • BDBDB on Sunset Strip
  • Bootleg Nation (chatline for tape traders)
  • EDLIS Who Has Which Boot
  • Tape Trader's Directory
  • Tapetrading.com
  • The Trade Zine
  • The Unofficial Bob Dylan Free Tape Library