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March 11, 1962

Lonesome Whistle Blues
Fixin' To Die
Smokestack Lightning
Hard Travelin'
Death Of Emmett Till
Standing On The Highway
Roll On, John
Stealin', Stealin'
Long Time Man
Baby Please Don't Go
Hard Times In New York Town
When this tape surfaced, it took the world completely by surprise because hardly anyone knew of its existence. This is a complete one hour radio show in excellent quality. I'm not sure if this show was ever actually broadcast, but it seems unlikely that it was, otherwise we would have known about this tape years before. The quality is so good, it has to come from the master tape rather than an over-the-air broadcast.

There are a number of firsts here, such as the earliest known recording of Emmett Till and the rare performances of Smokestack Lightning and Roll On, John. Material wise, there are better tapes around (such as the excellent Minnesota Hotel Tape), and the few originals here don't show much promise, but Dylan is very relaxed and in excellent voice throughout.

The show is hosted by Cynthia Gooding and features an interview interspersed with songs. The tape was apparently recorded not long after the tape recorded at her apartment (known as the Cynthia Gooding Tape). She is obviously taken with the young Bob and he seems to feel at ease in her presence. One particularly funny exchange occurs when Dylan finishes a song with lots of harmonica and Gooding asks if he's just recently started playing harmonica. She's surprised to hear him say that he's played for a long time. His harp style was so crude at the time, and has never improved (thankfully!) over the years, that it sounded like a first time player. Dylan doesn't seem in the least embarrased by the exchange.


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