Cynthia Gooding Tape

February 1962

Ballad of Donald White
Rocks and Gravel
Long Time Man
The Ranger's Command
This is one of the more interesting party tapes around. The sound is good, the performances relaxed and uninhibited, and everyone involved sounds like they're having a good time. "Acne" is pretty unbearable overall and just shows Dylan to be having a great time fooling around with his friends. "Rocks and Gravel" is much more basic than the version that eventually appeared on early pressings of the Freewheelin' album. "Ballad of Donald White" isn't too good, but then this is true of most early Dylan originals. The tune was adapted from another old tune. "Wichita" is, of course, an old blues tune and not too badly done, although I much prefer the studio version recorded during the Freewheelin' sessions. Overall, a rather dispensible tape for the casual collector. For completists only.

  • Hard Times in New York City 1961 -1962
  • Witchita
  • Rocks and Gravel
  • Ranger's Command
  • I Was So Much Younger Then [Dandelion]

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