Oscar Brand's Folk Song Festival (October 29, 1961)

WBAI-FM, New York City 10/29/61

Sally Gal
The Girl I Left Behind
This previously unknown radio broadcast from 1961, if it was actually broadcast at all, recently came to light as part of a Dylan special retrospective on WBAI-FM in 1994. When first broadcast in 1994, only Sally Gal and a short interview were heard, but sometime later an additional song from the same show appeared, the previously unheard of The Girl I Left Behind, which is no doubt a traditional. Bob mentions his upcoming Carnegie Chapter Hall concert during his pleasant brief chat with Oscar Brand, and his performance of both songs is excellent.

Although brief (a mere 10 minutes), this is a highly worthwhile tape of a rare early performance. The sound is as good as it gets. For a later Oscar Brand radio appearance, see Oscar Brand Show 4/63.

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