Oscar Brand Show

April 1963

Girl From the North Country
Only a Hobo

This 15 minute radio broadcast is from the Oscar Brand Show, which has been broadcast every Saturday night on WNYC-AM since 1945.

The format of the show is as follows: musical introduction sung by Oscar Brand while a voice-over announces "The World of Folk Music", etc., followed by a spoken introduction by Brand and then another song; then Dylan is introduced. The chat is extremely brief and then Dylan sings Girl From the North Country (nice version); then comes a "commercial" (which is pretty funny actually - a "dramatization" from the files of the Social Security Administration) and another song from Dylan, Only a Hobo which is apparently supposed to tie-in with the theme of the Social Security sponsorship. Nice version anyway. Finally another song from Brand and the show is over.

Overall not too bad as these radio things go, and at least we get to hear Dylan without excessive hype or the pretense of an indepth interview. Sound quality is excellent.


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