The Johnny Cash Sessions

Feb 17-18, 1969

Columbia Studios, Nashville

One Too Many Mornings
One Too Many Mornings
Mountain Dew
I Still Miss Someone
Careless Love
That's All Right Mama
Big River
I Walk The Line
You Are My Sunshine
Guess Things Happen That Way
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
T For Texas (Blues Yodel No 1)
Blues Yodel No 5
Girl From The North Country
Ring Of Fire

This failed attempt to produce an album between Dylan and Cash resulted in some interesting things, but overall I would have to say this session is pretty dismal. It's really more of a Johnny Cash session, although Dylan is certainly interested and having a good time. Only two songs performed here are by Dylan and both are old at that. The rest are songs long a part of Cash's repertoire, songs familiar to both Dylan and Cash, and for good measure one of Carl Perkins' tunes. Perkins sits in on this session, by the way.

The most successful tracks here are One Too Many Mornings (two versions - both are a lot of fun), Girl From the North Country (which was released on Nashville Skyline), Big River, and Careless Love. Blues Yodel No. 5 is a lot of fun because it gives Dylan a chance to yodel! The rest of the tracks are mostly impromptu jams that never quite come together despite Cash's earnest attempts to get Bob to open up a little more. Dylan, for his part, seems content to sing a sort of "harmony" to Cash's lead vocals. Dylan's harmonies tend to be a little limited and would have sounded better if he hadn't even attempted to sing at all. The songs mentioned above as relative successes tend to be those where the lead vocal duties are traded off. One Too Many Mornings, for instance, changes keys with each different verse sung by the one or the other. The effect is nice and helps to relieve the monotony of the "chunk-a-chunk" sound that Cash is famous for.

Although a lot of fun in places, this is NOT the place for a Dylan newcomer to start.


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