Denver Hotel Room

March 13, 1966

Most Definitely Not Van Gogh
Don't Tell Him
If you Want My Love
Just Like a Woman
Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands

This tape was recorded in a hotel room in Denver by Robert Shelton who also can be heard on the tape. It's Dylan and Robbie Robertson trying out new songs, two of which are Just Like a Woman ("best song I ever wrote", says Bob) and Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands. The other three songs have never been released, and one of them is easily up to the standards of Blonde on Blonde. This is a song which has no title but I prefer to think of as Most Definitely Not Van Gogh (Some people have taken up the habit of calling it Positively Van Gogh, but I doubt Bob would have recycled such a similar song title when he had so many other adjectives to exhaust first). The tape is loose and there are lots of starts and stops throughout as they work out arrangements and modify tempos. At one point Bob can be heard telling Shelton he doesn't have to hang around if he doesn't want to.

Sound quality is poor, but entirely reasonable considering the unusual nature of the material: two future masterpieces and one unknown major work in the process of being born but busy dyin'.


  • Van Gogh and Just Like a Woman appears on Seven Years of Bad Luck (Vigotone)
  • Van Gogh appears on Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2 (Scorpio)

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