Didsbury Tape, ATV Manchester, England

May 14, 1964

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

This recently discovered tape is one of two songs performed by Dylan for a TV show in England called Hallelujah, broadcast on the ATV network. The other song, which unfortunately didn't survive, was a live debut of Chimes of Freedom. For some reason, the person who managed to preserve Dylan's performance on tape wound up erasing Chimes of Freedom, which is a tragedy. Still, we're left with an energetic and amazing version of Don't Think Twice.

According to firsthand reports, Dylan and manager Albert Grossman showed up at the television studio and refused to do any rehearsal. A very stoned Bob then went out before the cameras soon afterward and proceeded to rip off the version of Don't Think Twice and followed it up with the lost version of Chimes of Freedom that we may never get to hear. For years the tape went unheard, and in fact the performance itself was little known, until recently the tape surfaced.

The sound is good mono and is too new to have made its way onto any bootlegs.

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