Steve Allen Show

February 25, 1964

The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

This is another of Dylan's rare television appearances, this time on the Steve Allen show, which was also the showcase for such offbeat talents as Lenny Bruce, Jack Kerouac, and Elvis Presley(!). In the 1950s Steve Allen had a reputation for hip that attracted such unusual folks as those above (although we all know what happened to Presley) and an appearance on Allen's show was considered to be a real coup.

This tape consists of Allen introducing Dylan by reading a little from the back of the Times album while piano mood music plays in the background. Allen proceeds to gush a little about Dylan before he comes on to sing Hattie Carroll. Afterwards there is a short chat and Allen tries to get the reluctant Dylan to open up a little, but Bob remains distant throughout. Dylan's rendition of Hattie Carroll is merely okay.

Robert Shelton's Dylan bio No Direction Home quotes Steve Allen as confessing that he wasn't very impressed with Dylan and failed to see how he could ever have a future in show business because of his unprofessional attitude.

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