Quest TV Show

February 1, 1964 (broadcast March, 1964)

The Times They Are a Changin
Talkin World War III Blues
Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
Girl From the North Country
A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall
Restless Farewell

This soundtrack from the Canadian TV show sounds pretty good to me musically. Others disagree and feel the performance is sterile and lackluster. The video portion of the show is hilarious - Dylan standing stiffly in the foreground singing while hayseed types lounge around in the background. Maybe not seeing the visuals is a great advantage to enjoying this tape. Anyway, I find the renditions of these songs to be very satisfactory.

Nothing very unusual here except for a rare live version of Restless Farewell. The rest are fine but I think the casual Dylan fan could live without this tape. The sound is decent enough but the tape I've heard is nowhere near as good as the Carnegie Hall '63 or the Town Hall '63, for instance. The complete video is not commercially available.

P.S. A brief portion of this show was seen during the John Hammond American Masters profile on PBS.

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