Carnegie Hall

October 26, 1963

Lay Down Your Weary Tune
When the Ship Comes In
Who Killed Davey Moore
Percy's Song
Seven Curses

These songs, along with some selections from the April 12 Town Hall concert of the same year, were part of the soon-to-be officially released live album Bob Dylan In Concert. The album was never released but a test pressing apparently made the rounds and is now heavily bootlegged. With the exception of When the Ship Comes, all of the songs on the projected album were unreleased and these songs, except for Who Killed Davey Moore were the best of the lot.

Lay Down Your Weary Tune is one of the best songs Dylan ever wrote. It's a shame this live album didn't come out so that more people could have had the opportunity to appreciate this song. Same with Percy's Song. Instead, the public had to wait until 1985 to hear these songs, although in studio form rather than the live versions heard here. The studio version of Seven Curses was only recently released on The Bootleg Series, but I think this live version is the best I've heard.

Sound quality is excellent.

(Update: Columbia recently issued a special promo 6-song sampler from what could likely be a future Bootleg Series release of the entire concert.)


  • Live at Carnegie Hall 1963 [Columbia] (promo release)
  • Bob Dylan In Concert (also includes Town Hall 4/12/63)
  • Talking Too Much (the Bob Dylan In Concert unreleased album


  • Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been? (His Gotham Ingres) - live bootleg of the test pressing for Bob Dylan In Concert. Contains the above songs plus the Town Hall songs that complete the live album.
  • Ten Of Swords

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