Studs Terkel Wax Museum

WFMT-Radio, Chicago. May 3, 1963

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Bob Dylan's Dream
Boots Of Spanish Leather
John Brown
Who Killed Davey Moore?
Blowin' In The Wind

The date of this radio broadcast is in question. Krogsgaard says April 25, the same date as The Bear concert, and Dundas says May 3. There is a reference in this broadcast tape to the show Dylan is to give that night at The Bear, which is why Dundas also attributes that tape to May 3 as well. Either way, this is an excellent quality tape from an hour long FM broadcast, featuring a lengthy (and somewhat fawning) interview by the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Studs Terkel. Terkel has little idea who Dylan is and is somewhat kindly patronizing. He is clearly impressed with the seven songs he hears Bob perform, and these performances are typically faultless.


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