Banjo Tape

February 8, 1963

Lonesome River's Edge
Backdoor Blues
Bob Dylan's Dream
All Over You
Masters of War
Keep Your Hands Off Her
Honey Babe
Goin Back to Rome

This "party" tape, variably attributed to the home of the Gleasons, or the Gibsons, or any number of other locations, is more popularly believed to have taken place in the basement of the Gaslight Cafe. The reason it's called "the banjo tape" is due to the presence of someone playing banjo and singing along with Bob who plays a 12-string for this occasion. Most of the songs are just fragments and none of the complete songs are really worth much. All Over You, Bob Dylan's Dream, Farewell and others have all been done better elsewhere. There is some excellent coughing during Farewell and Bob has trouble remembering the words for All Over You, but then it's all in the spirit of fun. Sound quality is excellent throughout.

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