March on Washington

August 28,1963

Only A Pawn In Their Game
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

On August 28, 1963, Dylan participated in one of the seminal civil rights events of the 1960s: the March on Washington, culminating in a huge gathering at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, the highlight of which was the famous "I have a dream" speech by Martin Luther King. Dylan's performance is captured in part on the album We Shall Overcome on the Folkways label, released in 1964. Dylan's contribution to the album consists of two verses of "Only a Pawn In Their Game" and backup vocal (along with Joan Baez) on "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize", performed by Len Chandler. Quality is excellent, since it's an official PA recording, but the speeches that are faded in and out of the music are distracting, but then the purpose of the album is not to present music but to present an historical document.


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