Leeds Demos

Jan or Feb 1962

He Was a Friend of Mine
Man in the Street (1)
Hard Times in New York
Poor Boy Blues
Ballad for a Friend
Ramblin Gamblin Willie
Man in the Street (2)
Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Disaster Blues
Standing on the Highway
These early demos for Leeds Publishing were made in order to present some Dylan songs for other artists to use. The only one of these officially released by Dylan was Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie and that was quickly withdrawn soon after release on the Freewheelin album. The others have rarely been heard. He Was a Friend of Mine, Man in the Street, and Talking Bear Mountain have all been performed at the Gaslight Cafe in late 1961. Hard Times in New York appeared on the Minnesota Hotel Tape. The others are very rare indeed. It's easy to see why these songs were never recorded by other artists (as far as I know). They're pretty much just quickly dashed-off run-throughs of songs never completely worked out. The first Man in the Street is a false start and the second the full version. These songs are very interesting for early Dylan but hardly indispensible. Sound quality is decent but I imagine the originals sound much better. Maybe Columbia will release some of these when they get around to plundering the Dylan catalog?


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