Carnegie Hall Hootenanny

September 22, 1962

Sally Gal
Highway 51
Talking John Birch Society Blues
Ballad of Hollis Brown
A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall
This is a fair sounding audience tape but a good one musically. Three excellent early original compositions are featured here: Talking John Birch, Hollis Brown, and Hard Rain - all among Dylan's best early "protest" songs. The first one is light and satirical, the other two grim and despairing. To balance it all out, we have two rousing traditional songs. Sally Gal is the type of song that Bob would use to open his 1963 shows and get things off to a comfortable start. Highway 51 is an upbeat blues number which gives Bob a chance to show off a little bottleneck guitar. Overall a very worthwhile tape, but not indispensible. Bob sounds pretty far away at times.

CDs and LPs: None known.

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