Billy Faier Show

October 1962

Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
Talkin John Birch Society Blues
The Death of Emmett Till
Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor

This radio broadcast (on WBAI-FM in New York City) is one of the more interesting ones due mainly to the appearance of the song Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor, which is the only known performance of this song by Dylan. I don't know the origin of this song, but I doubt very much that it's an original. The others are nice too, although Emmett Till is just as tiresome here as it is on other tapes. After singing John Birch Society, someone calls in and suggests that Dylan give equal time and sing an anti-communist song. Dylan responds that he doesn't know any anti-communist songs. Moments such as this make this tape very enjoyable. Length is about 20 minutes or so and the sound quality is very good, as you would expect from a tape taken from a radio broadcast. This makes a very nice addition to the early Dylan catalog.


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