Gerde's Folk City

May 1962

Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
Talking New York Blues
Corrina, Corrina
Deep Elem Blues
Blowin in the Wind
This is an excellent recording of one of Dylan's appearances at Gerde's Folk City, a club that afforded him excellent opportunities for much needed exposure in his early years. We find him here at his most confident. He's really starting to hit his stride here. The most unusual part of this tape is the song Deep Elem Blues which finds Dylan singing a fast upbeat blues in a different singing style for him. He really swoops up on the word "deep" in this song and manages to sound a thousand years old. Very convincing blues performance. Corrina, Corrina is very beautiful - much different from the Freewheelin' version. Blowin' In the Wind is missing a verse, so it must be a very early run-through. All in all, excellent sound and a very dynamic performance. Very highly recommended for anyone interested in Dylan.
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