Madhouse On Castle Street

December 30, 1962 - January 4, 1963

Broadcast January 12, 1963 on the BBC

Blowin' in the Wind
Ballad of the Gliding Swan

In late 1962, Dylan went to England to act and sing in a BBC play called Madhouse On Castle Street. Only a tiny fragment of this broadcast exists in audio form, with Dylan singing two songs. As I understand it, Dylan's role was to act as a sort of Greek chorus and wander about from time to time singing songs to puncuate the action. What we have on this tape is a tiny fragment of Blowing In the Wind and a much longer fragment of a very strange song called Ballad of the Gliding Swan. This last song seems as if it might be a traditional folk song, judging from the lyrics. The entire tape is somewhere around five minutes and the quality is extremely poor. Makes appropriate filler for an early sixties tape, but otherwise there is no compelling reason to actively seek this one out.

A complete tape with more songs is rumored to exist.

CDs and LPs: none that I know of.

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