Finjan Club in Montreal

July 2, 1962

The Death of Emmett Till
Hiram Hubbard
Blowin in the Wind
Rocks and Gravel
Quit Your Lowdown Ways
He Was a Friend of Mine
Let Me Die in My Footsteps
Two Trains a Runnin
Ramblin on My Mind
Blues Yodel No 8 (Muleskinner Blues)
This is wonderful stuff. For years this tape was thought to be part of the Gaslight Tapes, but recently the consensus has been that this is from the Finjan Club in Montreal. The sound is certainly excellent and the performances all classic early Dylan. Emmett Till appears again, unfortunately, but the others are much better: Let Me Die in My Footsteps, rarely heard; Rocks and Gravel, an excellent live version; Quit Your Lowdown Ways, another rarity; Robert Johnson's Ramblin' On My Mind, which sounds a lot like Corrina, Corrina; and my favorite song on the tape - Hiram Hubbard. I'm not sure why I like this song so much (which I'm sure isn't an original composition), but I think it's just the genre that appeals to me so much. It seems to fit in with that group of songs about falsly condemmed men destroyed not so much for any specific crime but for the general crime of rebelling against authority, songs such as Poor Lazarus and Midnight Special among others. Also, the structure is simple and compelling, with each chorus seeming to reaffirm the belief that a horrible wrong has been done and there's nothing anyone can do about it except to repeat over and over "Hiram Hubbard wasn't guilty". This would have been a great song for Roger McGuinn and The Byrds.

Entire tape very highly recommended to anyone interested in Dylan. Some of the very best live early material available.

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