Broadside Sessions

October 1962 thru February 1963

I'd Hate to Be You on That Dreadful Day
Oxford Town
Paths of Victory
Walking Down the Line
Cuban Blockade
I Shall Be Free
Train a-Travellin
Ye Playboys and Playgirls
Masters of War
John Brown
Let Me Die in My Footsteps
Only a Hobo
Talking Devil

These songs were recorded in the office of Broadside, a magazine devoted to the folk movement of the early 1960s and to which Dylan contributed early in his career. Many of his most famous early songs appeared in lyric form in this magazine, and some of the songs recorded in these sessions remain obscure even to this day. Of the released songs, none of these sound as good as the official versions, and the unreleased songs sound pretty good but there is an overall rushed and offhand feeling to these renditions. Still, it's nice to hear songs like Cuban Blockade and Talkin' Devil, both pretty rare songs. My personal favorites are Walking Down the Line, which he performed in rehearsals with the Grateful Dead in 1987, and Ye Playboys and Playgirls, which he performed live at Newport in 1963 and has been officially released on the Vanguard album Newport Broadside. Some of the songs on this tape have actually been officially released and were still easily available as recently as the late '70s. These songs include: Only a Hobo, Talking Devil, John Brown, Let Me Die In My Footsteps, and I'd Hate To Be You - all on albums released by Broadside. Only a Hobo is rushed and vastly inferior to the more familiar version recorded at the "Times" sessions. It immediately goes into Talking Devil, which is really only a snippet and ends with Dylan explaining that he only had two verses. Certainly these songs were just run-throughs for the purpose of getting the lyrics down on tape for publishing purposes. Sound is very good, considering the amateurishness of the whole affair. Performance is loose and informal but interesting and indispensible for Dylan collectors.


  • Broadside


  • some songs appear on Broadside Reunion and Broadside Ballads, both legitimate releases.
  • Blind Boy Grunt
  • The Kindest Cut
  • Ten of Swords
  • Let Me Die In My Footsteps
  • The Demo Tapes (misnamed, obviously)

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