First MacKenzie Tape

November 23 and December 4, 1961

Hard Times In New York Town
Wayfaring Stranger
A Long Time Man Feel Bad
Lonesome Whistle Blues
Worried Blues
Baby Of Mine
Baby Let Me Follow You Down
Fixin' To Die
San Francisco Bay Blues
You're No Good
House Of The Risin' Sun
This Land Is Your Land
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Bells Of Rhymney
Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies
Highway 51
This Land Is Your Land
This tape was recorded in the home of Eve and Mac MacKenzie, friends of Dylan during his early years in New York City. The tape is fragmentary and often muddled. I believe the story goes that Anthony Scaduto managed to surreptitiously record as much of the tape as he could while visiting with the MacKenzie's during research for his authorized biography of Bob Dylan. As the story goes, he had to hide his portable tape recordeder everytime someone entered the room.

The performances, what can be heard of them, seem to be about average for Dylan circa 1961. Some of the songs wound up being recorded for the first album, but overall the material here isn't too interesting. The Second MacKenzie tape of 1963 is much more interesting.

For completists only.


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