Indian Neck Folk Festival

May 6, 1961

Talkin Columbia
Hangknot, Slipknot
Talkin Fish Blues
This is the earliest live Dylan performance available on tape. The fextival took place at the Montowesi Hotel in Branford, Connecticut. It was at this occasion that Dylan first met Bobby Neuwirth. Dylan's entire set is presented here and it comprises three songs only. The tape starts with Dylan being introduced by someone and ends with the same announcer requesting a banjo and some other instruments for the next act. Dylan is shown to be in the midst of his Woody Guthrie period because all three songs are Guthrie tunes. It's hard to hear whether or not he did justice to the songs because you can barely hear the vocal even though the guitar comes through loud and clear. The audience is very appreciative, though. Mono audience recording. There are worse sounding live tapes around and for historical purposes this is a must. Not for the casual Dylan listener.


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