Don't Ever Take Yourself Away

Chorus: Don't ever take yourself away
Don't ever take yourself to a place where I can't find you
Don't ever take yourself away
I will never leave you I will never deceive you
I'll be right there walking behind you

Dearest I think you're the one
I can't imagine anybody doing more to me than you do
Dearest if it's your heart that I won
There's no need for blame
And no reason to be ashamed
Of that place where we stand in the sun


Dearest let us not drift apart
It wouldn't be wise, it wouldn't be civilized
It wouldn't be smart,
Time heals a broken heart
You've been hurt, you've been left in the dirt
But you still look brand new to me


Dearest, you're the answer to my prayers
Words can't express if my heart would confess
What you mean to me
Dearest I can't help knowing that you're the best
I don't have to feel you to know that you're real
You're more than a dream to me.


Note that these lyrics differ somewhat from the copyrighted and circulating lyrics.

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