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~Title: DON'T LOOK BACK                                                     
Director: D.A. PENNEBAKER                                                  
Release Year: 1967                                                         
Production Company: Leacock Pennebaker                                     
Country: USA                                                               
Synopsis: Bob Dylan's tour of England in 1965, featuring Dylan, Joan Baez
             and Alan Price. Film made in 1966 Cinema verite documentary of
             the Bob Dylan tour of Britain in Spring 1965, capturing the   
             singer/songwriter back stage and behind the scenes in hotel   
             rooms, mixing with the press and public, with Joan Baez and   
             Alan Price, and on stage in various locations.                
Cast: Bob DYLAN
      Joan BAEZ
      Alan PRICE
      Albert GROSSMAN
      Bob NEUWIRTH
      Tito BURNS
      Derrol ADAMS
      Allen GINSBERG
Credits: D.A. PENNEBAKER - Director
         Albert GROSSMAN - Producer
         John COURT - Producer
         D.A. PENNEBAKER - Scriptwriter
         D.A. PENNEBAKER - Photography
         Jones ALK - Photography
         Howard ALK - Photography
         D.A. PENNEBAKER - Editor
         Robert VAN DYKE - Music Recording
Running Time: 95 Film Length: 8550 ft or 2607 mtrs Colour Code: Black/White
Sound System: Sound
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Other Titles: BOB DYLAN
Director: Bob DYLAN

          Howard ALK
Release Year: 1972
Country: USA
Synopsis: A film record of the Bob Dylan world concert tour with the Band
             in 1966, filmed by P.A. Pennebaker (Don't look back). This
             documentary contains footage shot by Dylan himself.
Credits: Bob DYLAN - Director
         Howard ALK - Director
Running Time: 54


Director: Bob DYLAN
Release Year: 1977
Production Company: Lombard Street Films Country: USA
Synopsis: A record of a tour in 1975/6 by Bob Dylan and various folk and

             rock musicians, including Joan Baez, Ronee Blakley, Ronnie
             Hawkins and Jack Elliott, of the Eastern seaboard of the
             United States with the Rolling Thunder Revue and of the causes
             it was intended to support i.e. the plight of the Tuscarora
             Indians and the case of the wrongly-imprisoned boxer,
             'Hurricane' Carter. This is intercut with semi-improvised
             scenes in which Dylan, his wife Sara and a number of musicians
             act out tableaux connected with the lyrics of the songs,
             Dylan's own life and experiences associated with being 'on the
             road' and the rock movement of the sixties and seventies.
Cast: Bob DYLAN - Renaldo
      Sara DYLAN - Clara
      Joan BAEZ - the woman in white
      Ronnie HAWKINS - Bob Dylan
      Ronee BLAKLEY - Mrs. Dylan
      Jack ELLIOTT - Longheno de Castro
      Harry Dean STANTON - Lafkezio
      Bob NEUWIRTH - the Masked Tortilla
      Mel HOWARD - Ungatz
      Allen GINSBERG - the father
      David MANSFIELD - the son
      Jack BARAN - the truckdriver
      Helena KALLIANIOTES - herself
      Rubin "Hurricane" CARTER - himself
      Scarlet RIVERA - himself
      Mama Maria FRASCA - herself
      MAD BEAR - himself
      Roger McGUINN - himself
      David BLUE - himself
      Joni MITCHELL - herself
      Rob STONER - himself
      Ruth TYRANGIEL - girl friend
      Steven SOLES - Ramon
      Mick RONSON - security guard
      Anne WALDMAN - sister of mercy
      Denise MERCEDES - sister of mercy
      Linda THOMASES - sister of mercy
      T-Bone BURNETT - the inner voice
      Sheila SHOTTON - CBC lady
      Kevin CROSSLEY - piano player
      Larry SLOMAN - newspaper man
      Hal FRAZIER - singer
      M. WILL - MC
      Sam SHEPARD - Rodeo
      Howie WYETH - the drummer
      Luther RIX - the drummer
      Andre Bernard TREMBLAY - Maurice
      Dominic PAULO - the realist
      Arlo GUTHRIE - mandolin player
      Roberta FLACK - guest artist
      Claudia CARR - dancer
Credits: Bob DYLAN - Director
         Mel HOWARD - Associate Producer
         Jack BARAN - Production Manager
         AHERN. Michael - Production Manager
         Herb ROBINSON - Production Manager
         Greg RAMSAY - Production Assistant
         Jacques LEVY - Associate Director
         Bob DYLAN - Scriptwriter
         Sam SHEPARD - Dialogue
         David MYERS - Photography
         Paul GOLDSMITH - Photography
         Howard ALK - Photography
         Michael LEVINE - Additional Photography
         Patrick CULLIE - Lighting
         Paul CLEMENTS - Lighting
         Bob SEE - Lighting
         Kirk WILLIAMSON - Lighting
         Osvaldo ZORNIZER - Stills Photography
         ZORNIZER, Osvaldo - Stills Photography
         Bob DYLAN - Editor
         Howard ALK - Editor
         Ronee BLAKLEY - Music Performer on Soundtrack
         Jack ELLIOTT - Music Performer on Soundtrack
         Bob NEUWIRTH - Music Performer on Soundtrack
         Mick RONSON - Music Performer on Soundtrack
         Roger McGUINN - Music Performer on Soundtrack
         Rob STONER - Music Performer on Soundtrack
         David MANSFIELD - Music Performer on Soundtrack
         T-Bone BURNETT - Music Performer on Soundtrack
         Scarlet RIVERA - Music Performer on Soundtrack
         Howie WYETH - Music Performer on Soundtrack
         Luther RIX - Music Performer on Soundtrack
         Linda THOMASES - Costumes
         THOMASES, Linda - Titles
         Steve GAGNE - Sound
         Greg MALLOZI - Sound
         Arthur ROSATO - Sound
         Bruce NYZNIK - Sound Editor
         Peter THILLAYE - Sound Editor
         Gary BOURGEOIS - Sound Recording
         L.A. JOHNSON - Sound Recording
         Petur HLIDDAL - Sound Recording
         Arthur PIANTADOSI - Sound Re-recording
         Les FRESHOLTZ - Sound Re-recording
         Michael MINKLER - Sound Re-recording
Running Time: 245 Film Length: 21140 ft or 6447 mtrs Colour Code: Colour Colour System: Metrocolor Sound System: Sound
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