GWW - Talking John Birch Society Blues

Blank Label

This can probably be considered to be the second Bob Dylan bootleg, coming soon after the release of Great White Wonder and shortly before the appearance of Troubled Troubador and Stealin'.

Track listing:

A1. Mixed Up Confusion			      = single 12/14/62
A2. East Laredo Blues                         = Times outtake 10/23/63
A3. I'll Keep It With Mine		      = BIABH outtake 1/23/65
A4. Talkin' John Birch Society Blues          = Freewheelin promo 4/24/62
A5. Who Killed Davey Moore                    = Carnegie Hall 10/26/63
A6. Eternal Circle                            = Times outtake 8/7/63

B1. Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie                  = Freewheelin outtake 4/24/62
B2. I Was Young When I Left Home              = Minnesota Tapes 12/22/61
B3. Percy's Song                              = Times outtake 10/23/63
B4. Corrina Corrina 			      = single 12/14/62
B5. In The Evening                            = Minnesota Tapes 12/22/61
B6. Long John                                 = Minnesota Tapes 12/22/61