The Basement Tapes

by Les Kokay

Update notes: Since I wrote this piece (in May 1994)
Several CDs have emerged with additional Basement tracks:

1.Genuine Bootleg Series - Take 1
Contains 'Sign on the Cross', All American Boy' & 'Nothing was Delivered take 2'

2.Genuine Bootleg Series - Take 2
Contains: 'I'm Not There', Lang a-Growing, Banks of the Royal Canal & Silent Weekend.

3.Genuine Bootleg Series - Take 3
Contains: Wheels on Fire, You aint going Nowhere, I shall be released, You Aint going.. #3

4.Genuine Bootleg Series - Take 4
I'm your Teenage Prayer, Ruben Remus (inst), Yazoo St Scandal I, Say you love me I & II,Orange Juice Blues (inst), Inst, Come All ye fair & Tender ladies, Beautiful Thing I&II Orange Juice Blues, Inst II, Ferdinand the Imposter, If I lose, Bacon fat (inst),Katies been Gone, Ruben Remus & Yazoo St Scandal

5.Bob Dylan, Tiny Tim & The Band - Down in the Basement.
I got you babe(TT), Memphis Tennesee(TT), Inst, Gonna Get you now, Inst, Mighty Quinn, Lo & Behold, Apple Suckling Tree, Tiny Montgomery I Shall be released, inst, inst, Sonny Boy (TT) Piano Rag, inst & Be my Baby (TT).

I haven't cross-refenced these at all, however I'm sure that NONE of these are new, not even the 'wide stereo' mixes. Some of the titles are slightly different, but identifable. Are there any tracks from the 'original' tapes that haven't appeared on CD yet? - you'd have to check, but nothing significant I would guess.

(this is the May 1994 post)

This is my attempt to catagorise the basement tapes.The details of the first Acetate are fairly well documented in the Telegraph, Cable, GWA etc.

The details here have determined been from from my own collection, with reference to Telegraph, Cable, GWA, WM, Krogsgaard and notes I have made over the last 20 years.

Details of how I determine the various takes are at the end.

Any corrections, additions, comments welcome.


Basement Tapes

                     Acetate       Basic Tape        Official
Million D B             x               x               x
Yea, heavy              x               x               x
Please Mrs..            x               x               x
Down in ..              x               x               x
Lo & Behold             x               x               x
Tiny Mont.              x               x               x
Wheels on Fire          x               x               x (1)
You Aint..              x               x               x (1)
I shall..               x               x               x (on Bootleg Series)
Too much..     T2       x               x
Tears of R     T1                       x  (inc)
Tears of R     T3       x
Mighty Quinn   T1                       x               x (on Biograph)
Mighty Quinn   T2       x
Open the Door. T2                       x
Open the Door. T3       x                               x
Nothing W D    T1                       x
Nothing W D    T2       x                               x

Bootlegs such as

were all made from the acetate (all mono)

whereas Million dollar bash was made from the basic tape (alt takes - all mono)

Additional tracks:
                                           VD Waltz       Official
Open the Door, homer    T1 (inc)
Tears of Rage           T2                                  x
Too much of nothing     T1                                  x
Going to Acapulco                                           x

note: The basement tapes were recorded over many sessions, but possibly these tracks were recorded at about the same time.

Apple suckling tree     T1                    x
Apple suckling tree     T2                                  x
Apple suckling tree     T3   (2)
Apple suckling Tree     T4   (2)
Clothes line saga (with a false start)        x
Clothes line saga (false start cut)                         x (1)
I'm not there(1966)                           x
Odds and ends                                 x             x (1)
Get your rocks off                            x

Another (later session):

Sign on the Cross (stereo)
Don't ya tell Henry (stereo)

These tracks were always stereo and are probably from a totally different session to the above tracks.

Band Tracks:
Orange Juice Blues                                           x(1)
Yazoo street Scandal                                         x
Katies been gone                                             x
Bessie Smith                                                 x
Ain't no more cane                                           x
Ruben Remus                                                  x
Don't ya tell Henry                                          x
Long Distance Operator                                       x
(1) Different Mix/Added Instruments on the official release.
(2) maybe just a different mix

Additional Band tracks:
Ferdinand the Imposter (complete)
Aint that a kindness

Source:Possibly from Garth Hudson in the mid 70's

The 20 Song Acetate(s)

Wheels on Fire
You Aint..
I shall..
Too much..     T2
Open the Door. T3
Open the Door. T1 (inc)
Open the Door. T2
Nothing W D    T2
Nothing W D    T1
Tears of R     T3
Tears of R     T1 (inc)
Tears of R     T2
Mighty Quinn   T2
Mighty Quinn   T1
Million D B
Yea, heavy
Please Mrs..
Down in ..
Lo & Behold
Tiny Mont.
A more complete acetate than the first Basic 14 song acetate. Circulated quite recently.
These acetates are possibly all from the same session.

The 'Tiny Tim' Tape: (all tracks stereo)        GBT          BBG&H
1. Lock the door (frag)                          x             x
2. Won't you be my baby                          x             x
3. Try me little girl                            x             x
4. I can't make it alone (cut)                   x             x
5. Don't you try me now                          x             x
6. He's young but daily growing                  x             x
7. Bonnie ship the diamond                       x             x
8. The Hills of mexico (trail of the buffalo)    x             x
9. Down on me (frag)                             x             x
10. One for my baby                              x             x
11. I'm alright (frag)                           x             x
12. One single river                             x             x
13. People get ready                             x             x
14. I don't hurt anymore                         x             x
15. Stones that you throw                        x             x
16. One man's loss                               x             x
17. Yazoo st scandal (the band)
18. Say you love me T1 (the band)                              x
19. Say you love me T2 (the band)                              x
20. Guitar doodling                                            x
21. More Guitar doodling                                       x
22. Sonny Boy (Tiny Tim Vocal)                                 x
23. All you have to do is dream T1               x             x
24. All you have to do is dream T2               x             x
25. All you have to do is dream T3 (inst frag)
26. Piano solo (Garth Hudson)                                  x
27. Orange Juice Blues (the band)                              x
28. Ferdinand the Imposter (cut)                 x             x
29. Instrumental   (smudger)                     x             x
30. Be my baby (Tiny Tim vocal)                                x
31. I got you babe (Tiny Tim vocal)                            x
32. Memphis (Tiny Tim vocal)                                   x
33. Instrumental                                               x
34. Baby ain't that fine                         x             x
35. Rock salt and nails                          x             x
36. A fool such as I                             x             x
37. Going to Acapulco                            x
38. Gonna get you now                                          x
39. Instrumental                                               x
40. Mighty Quinn T1                              x
41. Nothing was Delivered T2                     x
42. Open the door homer T2 (cut)                 x             x
43. Million dollar bash                          x
44. Yea, heavy and a bottle of bread             x
45. Too much of nothing T2                       x             x
46. I shall be released (cut)                    x             x
47. I'm not there(1966)                          x             x
48. Please Mrs henry                             x
49. Down in the flood                            x
50. Lo and Behold                                x
51. Odds and ends                                x
52. Get your rocks off                           x             x
53. Clothes line saga (w false start)            x
54. Apple sucking tree T1                        x             x
55. Tiny Montgomery                              x
56. Sign on the cross                            x             x
57. This wheels on fire                          x
58. You ain't going nowhere                      x
GBT (Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 1 - 5 CD set)
BBG&H (Basement Tapes Vol 1 & 2 aka Blind Boy Grunt & the Hawkes (boot))
This tape is consists of many different sessions.

The recent tape:

Original Tape                                GBT
1.  Wildwood Flower                           x
2.  See that my grave is kept clean           x
3.  She'll be coming around the mountain      x
4.  Instrumental Blues
5.  Flight of the bumble bee                  x
6.  Confidential                              x
7.  Babylon                                   x
8.  I forgot to remember to forget            x
9.  You win again                             x
10. Still in love with you                    x
11. Waltzing with sin T1                      x
12. Waltzing with sin T2                      x
13. Big river T1                              x
14. Big river T2                              x
15. Odds and ends (new)                       x
16. Nothing was delivered (new)               x
17. Bourbon Street                            x
18. Million dollar bash (new)                 x
19. Yea heavy, and a bottle of bread (new)    x
20. Crash on the levee (new)                  x
21. Lo and behold      (new)                  x
22. Harp instrumental
23. You aint going nowhere (new)              x
24. Bells of rhymney                          x
25. Wont you please come home                 x
26. Chilly winds                              x
27. Spanish is the loving tongue              x
28. Piano and harp Improvisations
29. Piano instrumental
30. On a rainy afternoon                      x
31. Broken heart T1                           x
32. Broken heart T2                           x
33. Instrumental
34. Come all ye fair and tender ladies
35. Under control                             x
36. Rosin le beau                             x
37. Guilty of loving you                      x
38. Johnny Todd                               x
39. Clear water                               x
40. Poor Lazarus(cut)                         x
41. I'm a fool for you                        x
42. Next time on the highway                  x
43. Mississippi                               x
44. Every time I go to town                   x
45. See you later Alan Ginsberg               x
46. Wont you please come home                 x
47. Louisa T1                                 x
48. Louisa T2                                 x
49. Teenage prayer                            x
50. Four strong winds                         x
51. The french girl T1                        x
52. The french girl T2                        x
53. Joshua gone barbados                      x
54. Im in the mood for love                   x
55. All american boy                          x
56. Folsom prison blues                       x
57. Silent weekend                            x
58. Silhouettes on the shade
59. Bring it on home                          x
60. King of france                            x
61. Gonna get you now.                        x
62. Royal Canal                               x
This tape is consists of many different sessions too.

Here is how I identify the various Basement Tapes. The Take numbers T1 etc are from Cable who first(?) identified the various takes on the bootlegs. I have no idea about how he did this, and IMHO the Too Much of Nothing Take 1 and Take 2 should be reversed. I have made no attempt to identify take numbers for the newest versions of Odds and Ends - You aint going Nowhere, except to label the most recently emerged ones as (new). I note that the 'traditional' Take numbers bear NO resembalance to the numbers given on GBT 2 and GBT 3/ATF 1.

Too much of nothing

verse 1
T1	Ah, too much of nothing
	can make a man feel ill at ease
	one man's temper might rise

chorus: On the waters of oblivian

T2	Too much of nothing
	can make a man ill at ease
	one man's temper rises

chorus: On the wa-ters-of-o-bli-vi-an
On ATF #1 T1 is listed as #2, and T2 as #1. On GBT #2 T2 is also available but here listed as #2.

Tears of Rage

Verse 2 line 7
T1	I myself, I really thought  (inc; 2 verses only, 'waltzy')
T2	I myself really thought
T3	I myself remember now  (Gtr intro)
On GBT #2 T1 is listed as #2, T2 as #3 and T3 as #1.

Quinn the Eskimo

Verse 1
T1	Ev'rybodys building big ships and boats
T2	Ev'rybodys building the big ships and boats
	(also has 'Waiting on you', recorder/flute? intro)
On GBT #2 T1 is listed as #2, T2 as #1

Open the door, homer

T1	Only 1 verse - almost spoken
T2	Laugh in 1st chorus
T3	Sung
On GBT #2 T1 is listed as #2, T2 as #3 and T3 as #1

Nothing was Delivered

T1	Spoken bits 'Yes you must, you must..'
T2	Sung
(new)	Fragment only, part of 1 verse
On GBT T1 is listed as #3, T2 as #2, the new bit as #1

Apple suckling tree

T1	Starts with 'Old man sailing in a (dingy?) boat..'
T2	Starts with the chorus
GBT lists T1 as #1, T2 as #2 (hurrah! they got one right!)

Odds and Ends

(new)	Now, I stand in all my shake my face - GBT #1
old	I stand it all and I shake my face   - GBT #2

Million Dollar Bash

(new)	Well that big dumb blonde            - ATC #1
	with a wheel gorged
old	Well that big bumb blonde            - ATC #2
	with her wheel all gorged

Yea, Heavy and a bottle of bread

(new) 	.. nose full of blood                - ATC #1
old	.. nose full of pus                  - ATC #2

Down in the Flood

end of verse 1
(new)	Another good friend, somehow         
old	Another best friend, somehow
ATC does not give these versions numbers

Lo and Behold

verse 2
(new)	an' there I put my hat               - ATC #1
old	an' I put it down, my hat            - ATC #2

You aint goin nowhere

(new)	Now look here, dear soup
old	Cloud so swift...
ATC/GBT no version numbers.


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