Do you have a CD you would like to sell but don’t want the trouble of manufacturing and distributing it yourself? Are you interested in marketing your music for sale over the internet but don’t want to open a merchant account or create a web site to promote it? Is your tape or CD source in need of remastering and professional artwork? PunkHart Productions can help. We will take your music and get it ready for release and sell it for you on this site, or we can help you sell it on your own site if you like. We are very flexible! We can produce your product; design artwork for your product; sell your product from our site; ship your product to your customers; or any combination of the above.


  1. Bullet CD Mastering - We will take your original source and master it according to your specifications. You won’t believe how good it can sound!

  2. Bullet Cover and label design - We will design CD artwork according to your specifications, or you can supply your own design that can be modified or used as is. Your choice.

  3. Bullet CD production (1000 units minimum) - These are glass-mastered CDs, not CD-Rs. 1000 units is a minimum run. You have many different options when it comes to packaging (jewel case, digipak, single sleeve, etc.)

  4. Bullet Sales and shipping from our site (or yours) - As with other PunkHart clients, we can sell your music directly from our site, using our trusted merchant account, and we will send your music to your customers in a timely fashion. No need to deal with online merchant accounts or keep an inventory of your product in your basement or garage. We will do all of that for you!

  5. Bullet MP3 sales - Do you want to sell MP3s of your music instead of or in addition to a tangible product? PunkHart Productions can take your original source and convert it to high quality MP3 files and make them available in the PunkHart MP3 store. We will handle any customer issues that arise from online sales.

Music Production

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