Last Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour

This previously out-of-print Razor & Tie album features Graham Parker with the Figgs from their 1996 tour promoting the album Acid Bubblegum.

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Track Listing:

   1. Turn It Into Hate

   2. Don't Let It Break You Down

   3. Soul On Ice

   4. Weeping Statues

   5. Fool's Gold

   6. Local Girls

   7. Daddy's a Postman

   8. Impenetrable

   9. Sharpening Axes

  10. Back Door Love

  11. She Never Let Me Down

  12. Obsessed By Aretha

  13. Take Everything

  14. Stupefaction

  15. Sould Shoes

  16. Saturday Nite Is Dead

  17. Get Over It and Move On

  18. Cream

  19. Glass Jaw

  20. Bubblegum Cancer

  21. Don't Get Excited

  22. Around and Around

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Price is $11.95 plus postage and handling.

Graham Parker and the Figgs