Graham Parker

For nearly 30 years, Graham Parker has been slinging a signature sound across continents and airwaves that has rightly earned him a spot in the pantheon of truly original and influential figures in rock and roll. Since his early days with his band the Rumour (with whom he has two albums in Rolling Stone's Top 100 Albums of All Time), Graham has coupled punk's energy with his deeply rooted love of American R&B, country and soul music. He's got a snotty barroom brawler's rasp and sneer, a soulman's swagger and an ear for indelible hooks and pop songcraft. For more about Graham Parker, refer to his official web site.

Another in a series of Official Bootlegs for sale exclusively over the internet.

Carp Fishing On Valium - The Songs

In 2000 Graham Parker and Tom Freund took to the road to perform songs written to accompany the book "Carp Fishing On Valium". This is the complete collection of demos written and performed by Graham Parker, and is being made available for the very first time. You can only find it in one place: on this very website. Like the other CDs sold on this website, it will be available in a limited edition, and once it's gone -- it's gone, so get it while you can!

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First in a series of special Official Bootleg recordings available only from this site.

This is a collection of outtakes from the album "!Live Alone: The Bastard of Belgium". It is essentially a companion piece to that album.

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Another in a series of special Official Bootleg recordings available only from this site. The original limited edition CD has long been out of print, but now it is available once again as a digital download in MP3 format.

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Another in a series of Official Bootlegs for sale exclusively only from this site.

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This previously out-of-print Razor & Tie album features Graham Parker with the Figgs from their 1996 tour promoting the album Acid Bubblegum. Now back in print and not available in stores. Supplies are limited.

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This previously out-of-print Razor & Tie album is now back in

print and is available only over the internet from this site.

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This was Graham Parker's debut album for Razor & Tie. It is now back in print and is available only over the internet from this site.

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Cultists, Extinct Marsupials, and Cryptozoologists: In Other Words, Your Average Rock Tour.

Some might call Brian Porker's musical career washed up. As the acid-tongued front man for the Soulbilly Shakers, a 1970s one-hit-wonder, he penned the hit single "Knee Trembler," a sweet little ditty about having sex while standing up. But sales for his newest record are miniscule and his concert crowds have been steadily dwindling. This being said, it's not hard to figure out why Brian is angry with just about every person who has the misfortune of drawing his attention. The brunt of most of his vitriol is his manager, Tarquin Steed, who in an attempt to broaden his client's fan base, has just signed Brian up for consecutive tours of the nether regions of Scandinavia, Tasmania, and the Arctic Circle. Just when Brian thinks things can't get any worse, he has separate encounters with a group of cultists who believe him to be their prophet reincarnate, a rare marsupial dog, and a group of Nordic cryptozoologists who will do anything to get their hands on the beast! But then again, who said the life of a rock star would be uneventful?

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A Novel By Graham Parker

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This previously out-of-print Razor & Tie album is now back in

print and is available only over the internet from this site.

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Live at Newlands Tavern

This is the earliest known live recording of Graham Parker and the Rumour, taped from the audience sometime in 1975 at Newlands Tavern in London. This very rough and possibly incomplete audience tape has been making the rounds among GP afficianados for several years now, and we feel that despite the less than stellar sound quality, it deserves to be heard by more fans.

Originally offered as a free bonus with a previous Official Bootleg, it's now being made available for sale by popular demand. This is a professional quality glass-mastered CD, not a home made CD-R. But be forewarned that the sound quality is not of the highest standard, and is being offered as is - without editing or doctoring in any way, and so imperfections will be obvious. But the historical importance and the amazing energetic performances make this well worth the listen. Plus, it features such rarities as "Express Delivery" (only known recording with the Rumour), "The Raid" (two years before it appeared on the Stick To Me album), and the instrumental "Rockin' Hawk".

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This is an EP containing songs left off of Platinum Bastard. Songs include Three Martini Lunch, Anniversary, the rarely performed Here It Comes Again, and an alternate live version of Love Is a Burning Question.

80’s Reverb Rules OK!

This is the latest entry in the “Official Bootleg” series.

Recorded live at the Limfjords Festival in Denmark, August 2, 1986. This concert was from a brief tour  between “Steady Nerves” and “The Mona Lisa’s Sister”, and features the only instance of the band known as Graham Parker and The Fact. This was a tight four piece band that featured Brinsley Schwarz, Andrew Bodnar, and Jimmy Copley. Some of the material on this album was intended for the “lost” Atlantic album that was never produced. We think you’ll find it quite unique!

Five Loose Screws

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FIVE LOOSE SCREWS is an EP featuring five songs previously unavailable on any Graham Parker album. For the first time on CD: Area 51 (In Your Heart), Search Engine, The End of Faith, 2000 Funerals, plus Harridan of Yore, which was only available on the compilation album “For a Decade of Sin”.

Live Alone At The Freight And Salvage!

LIVE ALONE AT THE FREIGHT AND SALVAGE was recorded live at the Freight And Salvage in Berkeley, California, November 6, 2011. This is yet another spectacular entry in the “Official Bootleg” series and is available in a limited edition, so get it while you can!




Platinum Bastard

Burning Trousers

Live Cuts From Somewhere

The Bastard of Belgium’s Bastard Brother

!Live Alone: The Bastard of Belgium

Yer Cowboy Boot

The Last Rock ‘N’ Roll Tour

Deepcut To Nowhere

Acid Bubblegum

12 Haunted Episodes

The Other Life of Brian

Graham Parker & The Rumour Official Bootleg Box Set


From Quake Records - a 6-CD box set of live material from 1976 through 2012. Featuring a rarely heard live broadcast from Radio Bremen in 1978, and, for the first time ever, a complete concert from 2012, recorded and mixed by Dave Cook. Available March 1, 2014.

More Freight And Salvage

MORE FREIGHT AND SALVAGE, recorded in Berkeley in 2011, was originally offered as a limited edition bonus disc for donors to the Kickstarter campaign for the Official Bootleg Box. It is now being made available for the first time as a digital download. This is a companion piece to the previously released Live Alone at the Freight and Salvage and features live debuts of songs that would eventually show up on Three Chords Good.

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